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About loseyourfear

Lose Your Fear was spawned in the streets of Venice, California with the founding members, Melissa Simpson and Anson Jackson, who met in 2005 while attempting murder with a deadly weapon during an underground performance art showcase. That deadly weapon proved to be Melissa's microphone and Anson’s psyhcofunk riffs. Melissa, aka Gina Tailya, metamorphosed out of the LA underground punk scene as a published poet, singer/songwriter and performance artist during her years as Executive Art Director with Hustler Magazine. “Gina T. is a forceful, compelling presence onstage. She is sassy, brassy and unrestrained: basically all of the qualities you want in a lead vocalist. Patti Smith was the first comparison that came to mind, but “a female Johnny Rotten” or “Debbie Harry on Red Bull” seems strangely more appropriate. Maybe it’s the rasp and sneer with which she infuses her melodies; maybe it’s the tattoos and frizzy blonde locks.” - Mark Richardson Anson Jackson’s career has spanned over 25 years in the LA music scene. His roots stem from the R&B scene in Chicago, as a teenager backing national acts such as The Dramatics and The Chi-Lites. Anson is widely respected as a musician, songwriter and producer. “Brandishing breakneck riffs that would make Bad Brains jealous, Lose Your Fear starts in overdrive and refuses to slow down!” - Mark Richardson As these two songwriters continued to develop LYF, they met producer Sonny Cool, who came out of the P-Funk and Parliament camp. With the help of several industry professionals, LYF recorded an EP with one rock and rolls greatest lead guitarist, Ernie C, who after noticing the unique sound of LYF decided to take the project into his own hands. Lose Your Fear is an eclectic combination of style and attitude, stimulating their audiences through an emotional labyrinth of political and social perspective. LYF can offer a two hour concert filled with visuals, performance art, comedy skits with dramatic dialogue. For the intimate venue LYF never has to deliver the same showcase twice, having the opportunity to switch things up a bit due to their extensive song list.

Working on some stage costumes for the band Lose Your Fear

Here are some designs Im working on currently. Inspired by my mom’s vintage turquoise collection she just handed down to me from her Cherokee bloodline, mixed with some Cult and Jim Morrison influences.  Mix this with some leather pants…   … Continue reading

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Stage Costumes for Lose Your Fear

Here are some cool threads I’ll be wearing for the stage. This collection is called Slippery Leaves I named after the song, Slippery Leaves- a gothic Patty Smith style song.   Slippery Leaves While the crows watched And the bugs … Continue reading

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Lose Your Fear Is LIVE & WORLDWIDE…

At 4:20 today, LOSE YOUR FEAR has become a  WORLDWIDE ENTITY.  We are now poised to bring the universe positive vibes through music, video, fashion and general artistry…it has been said that artists CHANGE THE WORLD…and the universe has granted … Continue reading

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“Reach For The Starz”

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get a L.Y.F.

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